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Puerto Rico Radio Show

Saludos Radioaficionados:

Les dejo saber que este año los organizadores de este evento, la Asociación de Radiodifusores de Puerto Rico, ha invitado a los radioaficionados, entiendase a la Sección de Puerto Rico de la ARRL a tener un exhibidor para que enseñemos sobre nuestro pasatiempo al publico que visite el PUERTO RICO RADIO SHOW.

La entrada al PUERTO RICO RADIO SHOW a ver los exhibidores es gratis. 

Ciertas conferencias, el foro politico y el almuerzo tienen un costo, que para los radioaficionados será especial.

Visita los exhibidores y ve como se hace radio comercial todo el dia.

El PUERO RICO RADIO SHOW, será en elColegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico, que esta en el 500 CALLE ING. ANTOLIN NIN MARTINEZ de la URB ROOSEVELT, en HATO REY, SAN JUAN

Si te interesa ayudarnos en el exhibidor o tener mas información,  ponte en contacto conmigo al 787-930-2981
Héctor A. Morales – NP3IR

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for Ham Radio Now Available

May 04, 2016 at 07:14PM

ARRL’s newest e-book is Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for Ham Radio, by Eric Nichols, KL7AJ. This rapidly developing instrument is finding its way into the Amateur Radio station in many useful and interesting ways.

“Recent developments in technology have brought the price of this marvelous class of instruments into the range of every radio amateur’s budget,” Nichols said. “A limitless variety of…

Ham Talk Live! #11: Dayton Forum Preview:

April 27, 2016 at 06:34PM
Coming up Thursday night at 9 pm Eastern on Ham Talk Live! The leading expert in teaching Ham Radio, Carole Perry, WB2MGP, will join me to talk about the Dayton Hamvention Instructor’s Forum and Youth Forum that she will be moderating. And, we will give details on how you can win an ICOM IC-7100 at the forum!

From my Twitter feed: Chinese digital modem new ARRL CEO FoTime becomes HamRadio360

April 22, 2016 at 04:09PM

 Jeff | VA2SS @va2ss Digital Modem from BJ5ROJ: Part 1 ARRL @arrl New ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, Pledges World-Class Service, Openness, Inclusiveness: The ARRL’s new Chief …  HamRadio360 @hamradio360 Ham Radio 360: Episode 50- Fo Time Becomes Ham Radio 360! Watch on Youtube! via @YouTube

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A $38.99 RTL-SDR with 100 Khz – 1.7 GHz coverage

April 07, 2016 at 10:55AM
RTL-SDR  100Khz-1.7GHz Full Band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver/ R820T + 8232 Ham Radio 100% Brand New And High Quality Using the RTL2832 idle channel, broadband connection impedance isolation transformer provides the signal to the signal receiver HF HF bands. Increased input low-pass filter to improve noise performance of the machine. At the same […]

Is this Ham Radio history?

April 04, 2016 at 12:04PM
Ham Radio is a hobby steeped in history and tradition. Many men have made significant contributions to the hobby over the years. Names such as Marconi, Faraday, Maxwell and De Soto come to mind. Marconi spanned the Atlantic Ocean with wireless in 1901. In 1906 Lee De Forest created the first triode. In 1914, Hiram […]

GigaParts Ham Radio Day 2016:

March 31, 2016 at 01:11PM
GigaParts will be hosting Ham Radio Day on Saturday, April 2nd, from 9am until 3pm. Representatives from the largest manufacturers of Ham Radio equipment and local Ham Radio organizations will be in attendance to demonstrate the latest communications gear and answer questions you may have about getting started in the hobby.